Business Mentoring from Blue Box Strategy

Looking Towards the Horizon

Running your own business doesn't have to feel lonely!

By partnering with Blue Box Strategy as your Business Mentor you get the trusted, experienced, one-to-one relationship you need to help realise your ambitions.

Owning and running a small or medium sized business (SME) can be hugely exciting. At times the possibilities seem endless, and as your own boss you rightfully take great pride in knowing what you’ve achieved is down to you. After all it's your hard work and skill that’s got you where you are!


But as anyone who has been in business for a while will testify, and those who are about to start will doubtless find out, it can also prove to be a lonely place. Business brings challenges, and without adequate support these can often seem overwhelming.

  • As a start-up you may have lots of ideas and energy, but feel you lack experience of how to take things forward.

  • Maybe you have an established business that has become stuck in a rut and you’re not sure of its future direction.

  • Perhaps everyday decisions are getting on top of you and finding the time or resources to deal with them all is proving difficult.

  • Or you may have a clear vision of where you want to go, but you just need some help in getting there.

For these reasons and many more, getting the right help can prove to be a vital asset.

By partnering with Peter Kerr from Blue Box Strategy as your Business Mentor, you will have a trusted, experienced and confidential one-to-one relationship that provides consistent support, guidance and practical help to ensure you gain the confidence and capabilities required to perform at a higher level, thereby achieving your ambitions.

Together at the Top

More specifically, as your Business Mentor I will:


  • draw on my own experience, knowledge and skills acquired in senior management positions within the SME sector over more than 30 years to add an outside perspective to your business.

  • listen carefully and confidentially to those things that are giving you most cause for concern as a business owner, and work with you to find solutions.

  • share with you the benefit of my own business successes, and perhaps just as importantly where things did not go to plan and the lessons learned.

  • act as a soundboard for your business ideas, being your ‘critical friend’ that provides honest and constructive feedback.

  • suggest alternative ideas based on my own experience and knowledge to assist you in making key decisions.

  • provide you with contacts and networks that I believe will further your personal and business development.

  • inspire you to realise your potential, providing ongoing support and encouragement to realise your ambitions.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please get in touch.

There’s no cost for an exploratory meeting, and absolutely no obligation to take things further if you choose not to. And even if you do take things further, there will be no commitment required of you to future ongoing fees.

With Blue Box Strategy you only pay the agreed rate for the service for as long as you wish to carry on receiving it. Which means you’re free to leave the arrangement at any time for whatever reason, leaving you always in control.

So why not give me a Call or send an Email to start discovering the benefits I can bring as your Business Mentor? 


Interested in how I can help you create a realistic longer term plan for your business, that’s always up to date and fulfils your ambitions? Please take a look at what I can offer as your Strategy Coach, and the rewards that come from learning how to ‘work on your business’ as well as in it.