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Hi, my name is Peter Kerr, and for more than 30 years I’ve held senior management positions within small and medium size businesses (SMEs), either as Managing Director or Finance Director. With so much experience and having worked within some great companies alongside fantastic people, I have now set myself a new ambition; to persuade and encourage SMEs of all sizes how they could benefit by working in partnership with me as their Business Mentor or Strategy Coach.

Some of my key attributes include:

  • Senior executive management experience across many industries within the SME sector, including manufacturing, storage and distribution, retail and construction.

  • Good understanding of the industrial heritage of the Midlands region, where I have worked throughout my career.

  • Extensive knowledge of managing a family owned business as a non-family member, and the special relationships that must be catered for when combining family matters with business.

  • Undertaking Non-Executive Director positions within SME businesses.

  • Post-graduate Master of Administration (MBA) degree with Aston Business School, one of the UK's leading business learning institutions, where I graduated with Distinction.

  • Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA / CGMA) for over 30 years.

There’s not much that happens in the lifetime of the average business that I haven’t seen before; whether that’s the excitement that comes from growing market share and new investment, or the uncertainty and challenges faced in a declining market during times of economic uncertainty.


As in life, business is ultimately a process of learning, and then acting upon what’s been learned to create a better future.

My particular area of interest is business strategy, in particular within the SME sector. This is what motivated me to start Blue Box Strategy.


The vast majority of SME businesses do not undertake any form of business planning, and there is clear evidence to show that a lack of long-term thinking is undermining business performance.


I believe by working collaboratively with small business owners and managers, as their Business Mentor or Strategy Coach, I can demonstrate how taking a long-term perspective will improve short-term decision making, resulting in enhanced overall business performance and improved personal well-being for owners / directors.

By partnering with me as your Business Mentor or Strategy Coach you will be working with someone who's able to combine extensive experience with business know-how and financial expertise to help you reach your full potential. 

My style of working is always collaborative. I firmly believe that SME owners and managers know their business better than anyone else. Rarely do they need someone telling them what to do! However, what they do appreciate is someone with experience, and in whom they can trust, working alongside them as a Mentor or a Coach, helping them to make sound decisions and take the right actions to fulfil their own ambitions. As your Business Mentor or Strategy Coach, that is what I would seek to do.

So please take a look in more detail at the benefits of having a Business Mentor or Strategy Coach from Blue Box Strategy. Or view articles in the Blog section, which covers some of my thoughts on business and strategy.


And then please give me a Call or send an Email to arrange a discussion. I would be delighted to hear from you, and please remember initial meetings are always at no cost, and you would be under no obligation to take things further if you choose not to. 

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