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By partnering with Blue Box Strategy as your Business Mentor or Strategy Coach

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My name is Peter Kerr, and I’ve created Blue Box Strategy to persuade and encourage small and medium size businesses (SMEs) of the enormous benefits that come from working with a Business Mentor and Strategy Coach.


Having spent more than 30 years in senior management within the SME sector, mostly as Managing Director and Finance Director, I am well placed to understand what’s required to run a successful business. Whether you’re a newly formed start-up that’s looking to gain a foothold, or a more established business that wants to become stronger, my knowledge, experience and skills can help you reach your potential.

Running your own business brings many competing demands, and so having someone you can trust by your side to provide an outside perspective when required is a vital asset.

As your Business Mentor I will act as your trusted critical friend, providing confidential one to one guidance, support and practical help with your business decisions.


As your Strategy Coach I will work with you to create a realistic plan for your business, teaching you how to ensure it’s always up to date and fulfils your long term ambitions.


And as either your Business Mentor or Strategy Coach, I will listen carefully and confidentially to understand who you are and what your business is about, what motivates you, what you’re trying to achieve, the difficulties you’re experiencing, and the opportunities you’re aiming to capture. And then we’ll work together to set your goals, resolve your problems, and ensure you have the capabilities, focus and confidence to make your vision a reality.

Curious enough to explore further, but maybe put off because you’re still uncertain of its value and nervous of committing to something that might prove expensive? Let me offer some comfort:

  • Fees for all services are agreed up front, and only after at least one initial free of charge meeting to fully understand your requirements and decide how I can best structure the service to offer optimum value to you. There’s no pressure placed on you to decide whether to proceed. If you choose not to, that’s fine. I will have enjoyed our discussion hearing about your business, and even at this stage you can rest assured that anything we discuss will remain fully confidential.

  • Should you choose to engage services, fees are only levied for as long as it’s delivering value to you. So with Blue Box Strategy there is no commitment to ongoing future fees. You only pay the agreed rate for the service for as long as you wish to carry on receiving it. You’re free to end the arrangement without incurring further cost at any time and for whatever reason. No questions, no quibbles, meaning you’re always in control.

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Please explore Business Mentor and Strategy Coach in more depth to see how it can deliver valuable benefits to your business.

Take a look at the Biography section to discover more about my background and credentials, and what inspired me to create Blue Box Strategy.

And in the Blog section you will find short articles that reflect some of my thoughts on business and strategy.


And then why not give me a Call or send an Email for a discussion to see how I can help your business? I’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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